Far from the clutter of Tokyo, Hokkaido is known for its green valleys, pristine lakes and rivers overlooked by mountains on every horizon. Far enough north to avoid Asia’s rainy season and the humidity of the rest of the Japanese summer, around every corner is another site perfect for a destination wedding.

With an abundance of local cuisine, including the freshest of seafood, venison and garden picked vegetables, be sure to use everything Hokkaido has to offer in bringing your fantasy to reality.


Serving as our base of operations, Lake Toya is a caldera lake spanning 70 square kilometers, situated at the foot of Mount Youtei. The geothermal location sources local hot springs, and promotes the growth of serene forestry around the lake and on the center island. When looking down from the surrounding hilltops, the transparent water turns to a picturesque deep and glassy blue.


Along with the agriculture that spans across Hokkaido, Furano boasts the islands most beautiful flower fields. Most famous are the lavender fields accompanied by perfume shops and cafes. The surrounding Tuscan-like hills paint a picture-perfect backdrop.


Just the third largest city in Hokkaido, this city once hosted one of the only two ports in Japan open for foreign trade. Its deeply ingrained Japanese culture mixed with European influences gives a truly unique setting for your occasion. It has a wide range of churches from its early influx of missionaries arriving in Japan through the open port, and the view from Mount Hakodate is consistently ranked in the top three night-views in the country. Easily accessible through the Hakodate airport.


Niseko is known worldwide for having some of the greatest accessible powder snowfall on the globe, but once the skis are packed away, the relatively undiscovered Niseko summer puts everything Hokkaido is proud of on display.